Corporate branding

The Elosúa Rojo Foundation is a charitable private association. Founded in 1985 by Jesuit Father Miguel Ángel Rojo Elosúa, it supports educational and charitable projects in third world countries - mainly in Latin America and to a lesser extent in Africa, India and China. During all these years, significant resources have been allocated to support the creation of schools, vocational training workshops, attention to children and elderly, single mothers, people with addictions, with the aim of covering their basic needs and training them to build a better future.

The Elosúa Rojo family has been linked since the early twentieth century to the olive oil industry, having become in the 80s the world's leading olive oil exporter.  With this in mind, we created a corporate image based on their oil business origins: the colours, the illustration, the graphics. All blended with the bird of peace symbol, main distinctive of a NPO.
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